"Kirsty has proved herself to be a more than capable lipspeaker and has grown in confidence in the three years it's been my pleasure to work with her. She's equally comfortable partnering in a social situation, working alongside senior government officials in large meetings or facilitating in ministerial workshops. She has embraced flexible and virtual working practices and I know I can rely on her to be ready and primed when I need her."
Andy Wight – Deaf Lipreader
Kirsty is a complete delight to work with and a fabulous lipspeaker. Excellent skills along with a "can-do" attitude and goes above and beyond the role and job in hand to ensure each deaf person has access to the correct communication support. Kirsty is willing to travel to bookings and is also skilled in remote work such as Zoom/Teams. Kirsty has delivered training to her colleagues, helping them to understand Police jargon and is a regular contributor to professional discussion within the membership of the Association of Lipspeakers with Additional Sign. She is honest, trustworthy and able to work at senior levels.
Lesley – Director of Lipspeaker UK
I have always struggled throughout my life with communication and often relied on my Mother to speak on my behalf because I had given up with involving myself in conversations. Before I met Kirsty, I had ‘trialed and tested’ different lip-speaking support, as I am very specific about what type of lip-speaking support I need. Sadly, they were not suitable for me. Then I met Kirsty, and I was amazed with how much information I had missed out in work meetings and conversations. Kirsty’s support from day 1, has always been fantastic. I am very lucky to be able to now call her a friend. She always remains professional, and her lip-speaking support is always at a ‘high standard’. Before a meeting, Kirsty always asked me if I prefer her to speak using her voice, or ‘switch off’ her voice, to ensure that I am happy with the support I am receiving. I have asked Kirsty to support me in many different scenarios. I have had to attend big meetings with my work colleagues, which can range between 3 and roughly 15 people in a meeting. I would be completely lost, if I did not have her support. I also had to manage a social group and I could not understand the member in my group, but luckily, I had Kirsty on hand to assist me on this and ensure I could understand everyone. On one occasion, my Great Auntie sadly died in January 2020, Kirsty was so kind to volunteer to support me, to ensure that I was able to understand everything at the funeral. During the wake, I had a few people approach me and speak to me. Usually I try my best to avoid any conversation with people, because I feel embarrassed as I cannot hear them. Although on this occasion, I felt my confidence soar, because I had Kirsty on hand, ready to provide me with communication support. I then found myself approach several people to initiate a conversation. It was great to be able to ‘mingle’ for a change, rather than hide away in the corner! I would highly recommend Kirsty, she is lovely, her support is always at a high standard, and she is very professional. Thank you, Kirsty for all your help!
Louise - Deaf Awareness Advocate