East Coast Lipspeaking

Providing Professional Lipspeaking Services


A ‘Lipspeaker’ is a hearing person who has been professionally trained to be easy to lipread.

Lipspeaking With Additional Sign

Lipspeaking With Additional Sign is for those who prefer to lipread but may use some BSL to help support the meaning.


I offer Lipspeaking and Lipspeaking With Additional Sign Services. I also have contacts with a National provider of many other forms of Communication Support Services.

About East Coast Lipspeaking

I am a qualified and NRCPD registered Level 3 Lipspeaker with Level 3 British Sign Language (BSL). I provide communication support for the Deaf and hard of hearing community, whose preferred communication is lipreading with or without additional signs to support the meaning. I hold public indemnity insurance and have an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check.

Qualifications and proof of registration

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I have passed the vetting procedure for NPPV3. I also hold government clearance and have been approved to work within the police setting (PAIT).